David W. Tripp
Pre-Carved Alice in Wonderland Board for Collaborative Art ProjectWoodcut Block for Alice in Wonderland Collaborative Artist Project Christ and the CenturianScreaming WomanWork in progress - 1st stageWork in progress - 2st stageDetailBlindedUntitledPortrait of ElanaPlanksHandsStar FishWoman with ChairClay BustClay BustWhite Stone sculpture and plaster maquette sculptureMaquette for stone sculpture 
(Different Stages)

A woodblock is a basically a sculpted wooden stamp carved by hand using only a razor blade and a small set of pen size chisels. The razor blade being used to carve fine lines and the chisels being used to clear away large areas of spaces. The woodblock matrix was intended just to be a means of pressing an image onto a piece of paper multiple times, however I have begun to view the carved boards as finished works and included them in gallery shows .
I have also included in this folder examples of non woodblock sculptures I have created.