David W. Tripp
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Digital Images

I originally used the computer's paint program as a way of creating quick color studies to decide on what hue, tint and shade to use in a piece, being able to have such a resource where so many changes can be made so quickly and easily has become a valuable tool. As with woodblocks I've begun to realize that many of these could be finished works in of themselves such as the case with the piece The Dark Lake.
I have also started using the paint program to create a series of political buttons by scanning a pencil sketch and working on various computer programs to bring a crisper outline and color to the image.

I create the papercraft designs (especially the Zombie ones) just to clear my mind before going back to a bigger project, it's like taking a break with out my stopping to working on art.

Warning. Some of the art in this folder contain political ideas and if you are offended by anyone who may hold a view that could be even slightly different then yours I would strongly recommend you log off and go play with a kitten or some equally more pleasant chore.