David W. Tripp
Printing 1Printing 2WindowsWindows DetailWindow Shoe DesignTea The Bed (Cymbal Monkey)The BedThe ProtestThe Protest 2The Protest 3The TwinsChrist and the CenturianThe Cell 1The Cell 2The Cell 3The Cell 4The Cell 5The Cell 6Portrait of ElanaKnockThe Tea PartyThe Teddy Bear GathererDreams Of The Teddy Bear GathererMan with Spoon and ForkMan with Spoon and ForkUntitledGoldilocks WinterThe ChairPortrait of MelissaPortrait of Sophia 1Portrait of Sophia 2The Bed 2PigmanUntitledUntitledThe Three GracesFacesTunnelsHouse 1 (study)House 2 (study)WindowThe BoxMan with FishFallMan with HatFloorRainWoman with FishTreeLifeWheelchairSeated womanMonkeyUntitled

All though I deal with all mediums such as sculpting and painting it was woodcut prints that have captured my imagery the most. The simple graphic nature of the art form works well with my aesthetics. I dont like to bog down the eye with unnecessary detail. I would rather imply a shape than depict it.