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Arcadia Boutique Printed Page Exhibition
Arcadia Boutique Printed Page Exhibition

Friday, September 23 · 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Arcadia Boutique
819 N. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA

About The Printed Page:
The Printed Page is a show of work inspired by, influenced by, or created in the image of a physical book. The show will combine 2D and 3D work which is reminiscent of illustrations from literature, or somehow showcases the experience of reading a good book.

No matter how virtual our lives become, no matter how steeped in the breif and fleeting moments of connectivity we find ourselves, we will never lose our affinity for the printed page. As the barrage of screens fatigue our collective eyes we turn to pictures, ink and storytelling to revive them. We carry out what is necessary within the wires, but we truly experience life when nestled neatly within the pages of a good book.

Featuring Recent work by:

Anne Canfield
Gretchen Diehl
Maria DiMaurio
Leah Dyckman
Chava Evans
Dena Haden
Daniel Hoffman
Darla Jackson
Faye Kendall
April Nett
David Tripp
Marie Ulmer
Katie VanVliet
Jeremy Waltman
Alissa Bristow