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Eyes 2
Eyes 2
Paper, Tape, Photocopied Drawing, Photoshop
each image: 24 inch's x 17 inch's

Three pieces that show the various stages of how I craft an image.

I always photocopy my drawings when I enlarge them for tracing onto a wooden pine board before I carve because it keeps the initial spontaneity of the image.
I also can cut and tape the images once photocopied and arrange them in different ways as well to see how the image can best work and photoshop even bigger changes.

The first image I had felt the feathered fan the woman was holding was to small so I photoshopped it larger then I added a second fan for the third and final image.
The audience is given the desired identical look by photocopying a single image over and over again and shrinking it each time I added another row to force the audience to recede (I used the same technique with my woodcut The Protest)