David W. Tripp
Ghost Girl catches a Criminal I ride the ghost of my big wheel everywhereBacon LoveUnder this spaghetti I am invisible to everyone.I am no longer nakedI ate the appleGiant tater tots would solve most of the world's problems.Hello ToastPage Sketch Page Sketch Commission of a mother and her child.The Girl with a Unicorn growing out of her head.Sketchbook pageuntitledPencil Sketch for Color Study.Color Study (Lucy of Elfen Lied)Portrait of GretchenInitial drawing for digital imagePortrait of MelissaIllustration/Promo for Jack Union: Victorian Monster Hunter bookUntitledUntitledWedding invite art program coverWedding InviteWedding Invite Final SketchWedding Invite: (color)Wedding Invite: 1st draftWedding Invite: Caroline 1st draftWedding Invite: Final Caroline SketchWedding Invite: Campbell SketchWedding Invite: BorderWedding Invite: CarolineWedding Invite: Detail CampbellSketch of HannaAcrylic SketchUntitledUntitledUntitledPortrait Of Co-Worker3rd update "The Tea Party 2.0" sketch for PrintDetail2 draft of updated "The Tea Party" 2.0The Tea Party 2.0Lady with bookToasterUntitledUntitledAnjelicaCatherineThe Wooden CocoonThe Wooden Cocoon 2The Wooden Cocoon 3The Wooden Cocoon 4The Tall GrassFingersAngelicaFloating WomanMy Arms 2My FacesMy Faces 2The TreeThe CrowdMen, Women & TrilobitesSolid and GlassThe OtherlingThe HatThe PresentationUnfinished SketchQuick sketch of Beth on a day out in New YorkHead in HandThe TumultTeethThe Long HillMy ArmsHairYellBoxgirlGeeseChairWoman (maybe) in the cold.AirEyes 1Eyes 2Eyes 3The Sunday AfternoonWordAntsThe Day JobWallPaper Cut OutsChrist and the CenturianDoggy BagThoughtSection of a larger image.Artist Sneak Peek of newest woodcut imageThe SkySketch for Knockself portrait as rabbitPeopleleftGretchen 1Gretchen 2Gretchen 3ArmsHandsHands 2Hands 3Hands 4TornTree girlTree boyObamatonThe TalkersDragonflyNeckLoversThe FishMan/WomanAdam/EveDanceWinter H.P. Lovecraft's CthulhuH.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu The CellThe CellThe CellThe CellThe CellThe ProtestProtest 2Protest 2Protest 2Protest 2Protest 3Protest 3Protest 4PigmanUntitledFallFallFallSketch on MylarMan with HatUntitledThe Bed The Bed 2The FloorThe Teadybear GathererThe Teadybear GathererThe Teadybear GathererDreams of the Teadybear GathererDreams of the TeddyBear Gatherer (Detail) large mock-up: HeadDreams of the TeddyBear Gatherer (Detail) large mock-up: ShoulderDeath of the Teadybear GathererRainFacesStill LifeUntitledRed RidinghoodRed RidinghoodThe Twins1976 King Kong World Trade Center Board GameThe TwinsRiverscreamThe ForestSnowUntitled / StarfishPortrait of MelissaPortrait of MelissaPortrait of SophiaPortrait of Sophia 2Portrait of ElanaPortrait of EmilyPortrait of Emily FacePortrait of CarolineA week of Angelica (portraits)Portrait of AngelicaJoy 1Joy 2LaurenNoelLife Model StudyFigure drawingSketchDinosaur ClawsThree GracesThree Graces (detail)Three GracesThree GracesThree GracesThree Graces (detail)SpringTunnelsTunnelsTunnelsUntitledUntitledTreeBeslanWoman with Outstretched HandsWoman with Outsteched Hands (detail)CatThe ChairUntitledDoorwayManUntitledUntitledWoman with FishWoman with FishUntitledUntitledHandsHouseMermaidHouseKnockLakeLakeMan with FishWoman BathingWoman Bathing (detail)Man with HatMan with HatMan with Spoon and ForkMonkeysBlindedNight (companion to Blinded)Apple manUntitledWoman with ChairDoorBedUntitledLifeHandsLazarusLazarusLazarusLazarusLazarusLazarusChrist and the CenturianArt for Advertisement projectDoodle of The BrainRough Draft of Chambers After HoursChamber After HoursInsider Tour (Postcard)A Show Of TalentA Show Of Talent A Show Of Talent 
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At all times I carry my sketch book with me. I've never been interested in keeping a journal due to the fact that I find myself to be a dull subject to dwell on becouse of my familiarity with myself; I know myself to well. however in many ways my sketch book has become an indispensable and intimate part of my life that works as an unintended journal.
Every thought, image or idear that hits me has to be sketched down quickly for my future work. A log of my reality as it is and as it should be, Images stored for years until I am ready to put them to work.
In the sketch book you will find collages and photos from life and film.
some images are there becouse I just find them beautiful and some are reference material.

Excerpted from my 2007 MFA Thesis